To Know Him

Wow! Where has this semester gone?! Time has flown by so rapidly! I can’t believe it has been 4 months since my last update!?

I have had my head tangled in a ‘cloud’ of books wrestling over some difficult concepts, writing various assignments, exegetical essays, and tests. At the end of last term, I wrote my first Greek exam for which I scored 95%! Starting college at my age, I was uncertain if I would be able to handle the academic pressure and therefore have thrown myself ‘heart and soul’ into my studies. I praise God that, through His grace, I have done well so far. I am thrilled and exhilarated by these studies though it is immensely challenging and stretching me to the limit. I feel absolutely privileged to under the teaching of these passionate lecturers who themselves are astute Biblical scholars.

Brother Bear Grieving

The untimely passing away of my brother’s dear wife on February 26 was a shock to us all as she was suddenly ripped away from her husband, children, family, and friends by an aggressive cancer.

Bear and Kathy in hospital2

Bear and Thistle

Not only did I have to wrestle with my own grief, but I spent countless hours consoling and counseling my brother. I was astounded at the advice and answers I was able to offer to my brother’s hard questions; answers which came directly from the greater understanding of God’s Word I was learning from my lectures just days before. Things I had learned in Greek lectures, Biblical Theology lectures, Doctrine Lectures, and the Gospel of Mark lectures all combined to help me offer useful answers to my grieving brother. I thank God for this learning and input which is helping me understand God better.

Serene Anniversary Rest

Renée and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary in April and took a much needed holiday camping in the Wilderness area. It was great to be away from the busyness of life, no cellphones, no electricity, just basking in the beauty of God’s creation. We floated down the river, did some bird-watching, took walks in the forest and on the beach, ate fireside food, and came back well rested.

Renee and I floating down the river in wilderness

Awesome being in God’s world

Paradigm Shift: To Know HIM

One of my greatest challenges being at college is trying to keep my devotional life with God alive. I have struggled to find time to spend in private devotion and prayer with God. I spoke to one of my lecturers about this and he gave me some magnificent advice which has been exceedingly useful. He encouraged me to not view these studies as academic studies, but rather as devotional studies. “Make everything you study here about getting to know God better” he said. This advice has helped me to develop an attitude of perpetual devotions, desiring to know more of God as I study original languages, Church history, Ancient Near East History, etc. I would ask that you pray that God would enable me to maintain and grow this attitude so that my studies would not just be about getting good marks, but rather about getting to know God more and more.

I start writing exams in a week. I’ll appreciate your prayers as I prepare and study for these exams and as I write.

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement.

In His hands,

Michael Watson

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