Who am I?

I am a non-resident, travelling missionary with a vision to support the neglected Church and to reach out to those who have never/seldom heard the Gospel of Grace particularly in rural areas. I am married to the most beautiful woman on earth. We have no children, but have adopted a 3-legged cat.

The Magnificent Wonders of Africa

I have had the privilege of travelling overland to and serving the Lord in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, DR Congo, South Sudan, and Namibia.

I have seen many wonders and experienced some of the striking beauty of Africa, met incredible people and learned of their intriguing cultures, tasted fanciful foods, suffered alongside some whose pain goes unnoticed by the world, I have dodged bullets in the ‘red zone’, shed blood sweat and tears recovering our vehicle from mutinous mud and breakdowns, and on top of it all, I have had the amazing joy of helping some to understand the magnificent, merciful, and mighty love of God through Jesus Christ, I have seen the exhilaration on their faces as they begin to feebly grasp and comprehend this AMAZING Love of God which surpasses all understanding.

It all started with my own encounter with Jesus

I was saved, by God’s amazing Grace on 15 September 2005, and have been in missionary service almost since then.

Jivannadi Mission

I joined Jivannadi Mission, KZN, South Africa in October 2005 and spent four and a half years serving the Lord among the Indians of Durban area seeking to reach Hindu’s for Christ. My primary role was to be a Maintenance Missionary; having grown up on a farm, I am good with my hands and can pretty-much fix anything. I also had the privilege to be sports coach for the boys at the mission school as well as lead morning Devotions once a week.

Frontline Fellowship

In June 2010, I joined Frontline Fellowship, Cape Town, South Africa where I served as a Missionary Field Worker. I served at Frontline Fellowship faithfully and relentlessly, I thrust my energy, talents, time, and resources into pursuing the noble priorities of Frontline Fellowship namely:

  • to serve persecuted Christians,
  • evangelize in hostile territories, and
  • train leaders in neglected areas.

I took initiative and organized, arranged, and executed, numerous Mission expeditions to uphold the cause and priorities of Frontline Fellowship in Africa.

I served at Frontline Fellowship for 5 ½ years until November 2015.

High Light Africa

In November 2015, I launched the High Light Africa vision that I believe the Lord has laid heavily on my heart. The vision for now is in Malawi, to help with 3 main problems:

  • Gospel ignorance
  • intense hunger and food insecurity
  • the rapid advance of Islam

Though we are currently focusing in Malawi, our vision extends into the larger Southern Africa. Please visit our website (www.highlightafrica.com) to find out more details.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and what I do.

I certainly appreciate and covet your prayers and support.

God bless you abundantly!

Please keep in touch.

In His Service

Michael Watson.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. leachieboy

    Nice blog mike 🙂 May God continue to work through you!

  2. Thanks a lot my dear Bro. Pastor Micheal Watson from your Newsletters about the Field.
    I am still blessed from the News, and we will continuing praying about your success in the future…Praise the Lord Jesus Christ,…Amen!

  3. It’s an awesome blog my brother, Michael! I will be praying for you whenever and wherever I pray. Be blessed!

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