Congmataza Mission Update 30 June 2014

Dear Friends and Family

Greetings in the precious and wonderful Name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!

I trust that you are well and that you are flourishing in your walk with the Saviour.

By the grace of God, we have successfully embarked on our Overland Mission to Congo (which we are fondly calling: Congmataza Mission). We had many sleepless nights as we were busy with frantic preparations for the launch of this Mission. We have learned that “Victory loves Preparation”, so we worked late into many nights preparing, packing, fixing, building, water-proofing, and upgrading our equipment, gear, cargo, literature, and other items that would prove helpful in the field.

Wild Coast Ministry

We drove through the night to get to our first ministry appointment which was a Sunday morning worship service where I would be speaking in Kokstad. The pastor of Kokstad First Baptist Church had invited us to minister at his church on Sunday and then 5 days ministry in a very rural, dark, yet beautiful area of the Wild Coast. We had a wonderful and seemingly successful time of ministry here.

We were able to make prompt effective contact with the chiefs as we obtained permission for our ministry and movements in their realm. We screened the Jesus film in Xhosa language on three of the nights that we were here which was followed by open air preaching of the Gospel. There were many responses to the Gospel preaching. One of the desperate pleas from the principal of the school and others was this: “We need more Gospel preaching in this area; there are no churches here, we need a church where people can hear good Bible preaching.” We were also able to conduct ministry in two schools where we conducted effective ministry in the school classes and at one assembly.

We distributed more than 1000 Gospel booklets in the rural areas where we conducted outreaches inviting folk to attend the screening of the Jesus film. We also distributed 50 Broad and Narrow Way posters which we have found to be a very effective way of conveying the Gospel Message. We delivered 200 of these posters in Xhosa language to Kokstad First Baptist Church.

Successful Border Crossings

We had two very successful border crossings where we were able to pass through customs without paying any excessive tax on our massive load of literature which we are distributing free of charge to our contacts and friends in the various countries that we will be passing through. We were warned by some friends and colleagues that one of these borders are normally very difficult to pass through without trouble from the officials. Some suggested that we avoid this border post, but that would either mean that we would have to cross through either Zimbabwe or Namibia, both of which I wanted to avoid for various reasons. We decided that we will trust God as we head for the ominous and ill-advised border post. We prayed real hard as we drove that God will give us favour in the eyes of the officials. We were blown away by God’s grace as we passed through this border without any resistance from any of the officials! On the contrary, we were blessed with good relations with the officials and were able to put some Gospel literature in their hands, for which they were very grateful.

Livingstone Legendary Life

We overnighted in the town of Livingstone and were blessed ‘out of our socks’ as we visited the world-renowned Victoria Falls. The Falls right now is quite full and absolutely impressive and admirable. I am astounded at the way I was lifted up in my spirit as the spray from the mighty Zambezi River rushing down the Victoria Falls rushed past me soaking me through and through. I was not certain from which direction the spray was coming– up, down, or side. One thing was sure: were drenched by the spray and the mist that surrounded us. This certainly was an exhilarating experience!

The Victoria Falls are at their best at this time of year. It is not so full that the spray is too intense so that visibility is impaired, and it is not so dry that you don’t see any water at all (like we have experienced in November last year).

Chipata Compound

Our ministry in Lusaka was quite successful and enjoyable. We were ministering on the outskirts of the capital city in an area called Chipata Compound. It is likened to Khayelitsha in South Africa which means “Home away from home” as the folk from Transkei/Eastern Cape made a home away from their real homes near to Cape Town. Similarly the people from Chipata Compound are from the Eastern part of Zambia from a town called Chipata and they have come to the capital city looking for employment and economic upliftment, but many have not found what they are looking for. They now live in this informal settlement called “Chipata Compound”.

Church Ministry and Domination

The Church in Chipata Compound is growing, active and alive. I was astounded to see so many churches next to each other, and each one seeming to be full on Sunday morning. We were privileged to preach in three of these Churches on Sunday as our team split up and ministered in various churches. For Frank and Ryno it was their first time preaching outside of South Africa and they both did very well and also learned a lot about cross-cultural communication as well and many other lessons.

FIRE Conference

Our contact in Chipata Compound, a vibrant evangelist and powerful pastor who attended the Great Commission Course in Cape Town in 2004 had arrange a Leaders Conference to which he had invited pastors from many different congregations. There were 18 Churches represented at the Conference and we had a wonderful time of ministry with them for the next 2 days. The first day we conducted a Reformation FIRE Seminar which was deeply appreciated by the participants who were very eager to sign up to start a FIRE group in their churches. The second day we conducted an Evangelism Training Seminar where we taught Way of the Master and Evangelism Explosion. This was also eagerly enjoyed and appreciated by the participants.

In Sickness and in Health

For the most part, our team has enjoyed good health on this Mission so far. The exception being my most beautiful and adorable wife who recently came down with a harsh fever and was experiencing unique pains. We immediately suspected tick-bite fever as Renee had been bitten by three ticks in the Wild Coast. I took her to the hospital where the doctor conducted various tests and confirmed our suspicions. The tick-bite fever also triggered some other complications which the doctor treated her for also though she advised that she do not travel anymore in this condition. Renee however insisted that she will go wherever God leads. Renee is now feeling much better and we are on the road again.

Gangs and Robbers

Please pray for our safety as the area we are now ministering in has been experiencing terrible acts of violence from armed robbers who are breaking into homes and terrorizing occupants. We know that we are in God’s hands and that we are immortal until our work on earth is complete (as said by Dr. Martin Luther) and we are safer in battle than in bed when we are in the center of God’s will (as said by Stonewall Jackson). Your prayers will be deeply appreciated.

Thank you for your support and for your prayers and concern. Some of you have donated finances which are certainly helpful and desperately appreciated. Thank you very much! Some have given rusks, cookies, and sandwiches for ‘padkos’; this has brought smiles to lips and tummies as we gobbled these scrumptious morsels down. Thank you very much! Some of you are praying for us and therefore surrounding us with God’s favour, protection, and angels. Thank you very much! May God bless you thoroughly.

We are pressing on relentlessly in this calling to which God has called us, and we appreciate your participation with us.

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May God provide for you all you need to be a specimen of honour to His Name.

In His service – and loving it!


Michael Watson

Missionary Field Worker

Frontline Fellowship

South Africa

Cell:     +260961159543 (Zambia)

Office +2721 689 4480

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