Kids, Bible College, and a Mission

Dear Friends and Family

I hope that all is well with you and all those who are dear to you.

Renee and I are both doing well, though we have also both just recovered from the flu (Renee is busy kicking out the last of it now).

Kids Holiday Bible Club

During the school holidays, Renee helped out at the Holiday Bible Club for the week of Epic Explorers – an exciting kids’ program run from our church ( These young kids were so full of energy, by the time Renee came home in the afternoons she was pretty exhausted! Renee had a lot of fun helping out with this program.


Warning: This will make you tired

Islamic Studies Completed

I have just completed a 2-week course at the Bible Institute on Islamic Studies to better understand the many Muslims both here in SA and in Malawi so as to have a more effective approach to present the Gospel.

The Bible Institute is situated on the rugged yet beautiful slopes of the Kalk Bay mountains. BI has been training pastors and Gospel workers for almost 100 years.

I was blessed to study in this beautiful part of the world.

I have learned a great deal and feel dynamically better equipped to continue the work of preaching the Gospel to Muslims.


Beautiful view from the BI campus


I took this picture on the way to BI one morning – Stunning!



One of 3 mosques we visited during our studies, this one in Kalk Bay



The Oldest Mosque in South Africa, in Bokaap



Bokaap is very colourful!



Bible Institute Certificate

Certificate from Bible Institute



Exams Coming Up

I am now frantically working at completing my studies in the Explore Course (from GWC); I’m busy with the second module: Explore the Life of Jesus. My exam date is at the end of August.

I am happy to announce that I have received good results for my last exam, Explore the Bible. I received a High Distinction with a mark of 94%. I praise God that I have been able to succeed and do well.


Praise God for good marks!


Upcoming Mission to Malawi

I am planning to go on another mission to Malawi as soon as I have finished writing my exam in end of August. I am looking forward to it as are our friends in Malawi who are eagerly awaiting our arrival. I plan to continue the program of evangelism training in the rural churches with a specific focus on Muslim Evangelism. You can read more about it here:

Prep 1

Upcoming Malawi Mission

If you would like to partner with us financially to help with the costs of this Mission, please follow this link to find our banking details:

Thank You

I appreciate your prayers and support. May God richly bless you!

In His service – and loving it!

Michael Watson
“That His glory may dwell in the land.” – Psalm 85:9b

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A ‘Spy’ on the Wall!

Dear Friends and Family

I hope and trust that you are doing well. Renee and I are doing well as we excitedly follow the path the Lord has set before us.

“Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervour, serving the Lord.”
Romans 12:11


I have just completed a week-and-a-half enlightening and uplifting training with SIM at the regional office here in South Africa. This was a great privilege for me as I have been seeking God’s guidance for the way forward for me as a missionary.

SIM is a mission agency that has been sending missionaries into the field since 1889. Initially called Sudan Inland Mission, but now Serving in Mission. I really got a sense of their professional, devoted experience and I have come to admire their passion, vigour, love, and effectiveness.


SIM website

Cart before the horse

The SIMstart program is really designed for new members of SIM who have already passed through the 4-month application process. SIMstart provides these new members with the initial training of the core values of SIM and equips them with vital skills and tools that every missionary needs in the field. I, however, was not a new member. So I kind of ‘jumped the que’ – I was referred to as the ‘cart before the horse’.


SIM website

Spy on the Wall

Once I was actually called (in jest) a ‘spy on the wall’! I suppose this was because I was there as an outside observer and they knew very little about me. This underlined the absolute privilege I was in the midst of – not supposed to be there, and yet I am the proud beneficiary of delightful exposure to the training of this esteemed mission organization.


Spy on the wall

Lessons Learned

I learned a tonne of lessons from my short time at SIM during the SIMstart program. I met a few passionate missionaries who are just joining up as memebers and I was inspired by their bravery and commitment to God’s call to forsake all and follow Him.

Though I have been serving God as a faith missionary for more than 10 years and been through the vigorous missionary training at Frontline Fellowship, I still learned so much during my short time at SIM that I feel somewhat like an amateur.

Love and Family

One of the biggest things that stood out to me is the love and warmth I felt from the staff – it felt as if I were welcomed into a huge loving family. This came out as one of the things they hold dear to themselves, they are a family and love and care for one another dearly.

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”
1 Thessalonians 5:11

In a Nutshell

God really used my short time at SIM to challenge me to more devoted service to His Kingdom. My resolve to study Theology next year has been bolstered and encouraged by all whom I met and spoke to at SIM. SIM is a great mission agency, they conduct their responsibilities with professional zeal, with love and focus. I would certainly consider joining this family when I am done with my studies.

Who We Are - SIM

SIM website

Coming Up

I would appreciate your fervent prayers for me during the next month or two I have much on my ‘plate’ and I’m going to need God’s help to be successful at these tasks.

Muslim Evangelism Training

In July, for 2 weeks, I will be attending a Muslim Evangelism Training Course at the Bible Institute of South Africa. I am really looking forward to this because this is one of the areas I want to focus on in Malawi.


Muslim Evangelism Course

Exam and Persistent Studies

As you know by now, I am fervently studying the second module of the Explore Course: Explore the Life of Jesus. My exam date for this is end of August which means that I only have 2 months to get through this study material. I am thoroughly enjoying the wealth of new knowledge I am getting and how this draws me to deeper worship of God Who has revealed Himself through the Scriptures.

Malawi Mission

I am planning on visiting my beloved friends, brothers, and sisters in Malawi in August (or September) after I have finished writing my exam in August. Please pray that God will grant me wisdom in planning for this mission trip and specifically for a team member as I feel that it is unwise to travel alone. Pray also that God will provide the necessary funds to make this possible. I will soon provide more specific details.

Thank you for your love and support. I appreciate you keeping in touch with me, for encouraging me and for praying for me.

God bless you all!

Michael Watson
“That His glory may dwell in the land.” Psalm 85:9b



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Thrilled by Knowing God

Dear Friends and Family

I greet you in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ!

I hope and trust that you are doing well.

“Rather train yourself for godliness; for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.”
1 Timothy 4:8

Train the Brain

I have been very busy these last few weeks studying for an exam I wrote last week. I still don’t know what my results are as the exam will only be marked on 20 June. The course I’m studying is called the Explore Course and the first module is called Explore the Bible. This was the module for which I wrote the exam which went pretty well and I am confident that I will get a good mark.


Pressing on

I have already registered and collected my study book for the next module, Explore the Life of Jesus. I am really looking forward to going through this module. I am thoroughly enjoying the rush of new knowledge and information about God and the Bible which deepens my worship and adoration of this great God whom we serve!


Wealth of Valuable Knowledge

Ever since joining our new church Tokai Community Church (TCC) I have been thrilled by the clear sound Bible teaching that draws me to know God more and to serve Him relentlessly with greater fervour than before. Similarly the midweek Connect group (Wednesday) and Bible study (Thursday) have also driven me to know and understand God and His Word better – it is a breath of fresh air! And I am thoroughly enjoying it!

Dispel Ignorance

This has caused me to start prayerfully considering studying a degree course in Theology at George Whitefield College. My main motivation in doing this would be to know God and His Word better in order to be in a better position to not only serve Him better, but also to teach others better. As you know, I am passionate about helping folk understand the Gospel and know God through Jesus Christ, but I have found that I have SO much more to learn.

“For to this end we toil and strive, because we have our hope set on the living God, who is the Savior of all people, especially of those who believe.”
– 1 Timothy 4:10

Muslim Evangelism Training

In July I will be participating in a 3-week Muslim Evangelism Training course at the Bible Institute. As I am seeking to work among Muslim people in Malawi and train Christians to reach their Muslim neighbours with the Gospel, this is a great opportunity to expand my knowledge in this area.

Botshabelo Mission Trip

I have just returned from a short Mission to Botshabelo with TCC. Please read more about it on the High Light Africa website where I posted a short report. Here is a link to the article: Demolition, Construction, Fun, & Fellowship.


Botshabelo Mission – video report

Thank you for your constant love and support.

May God thoroughly bless you!

In His service – and loving it!

Michael Watson
“That His glory may dwell in the land.” – Psalm 85:9b

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Studies, Website & News

Mind Bursting at the Seams

I have recently (in February) started studying an entry level theological course at George Whitefield College called the Explore Course. This course has given me vast amounts of knowledge and is helping me to better understand the Scriptures. My mind has been so bombarded with new enlightening information, I am overly excited about these studies and I marvel at the way my knowledge of God is growing in leaps and bounds! I am writing my first exam at the end of May.

Explore Course covers

Go for the Big Haul

Having started with the Explore Course, I have realized how much it has benefited not only my knowledge of God, but also my worship of Him. I am prayerfully considering doing a degree course through George Whitefield College. I think it will not only help me become a better Bible teacher, but also help me to find more opportunities to serve in the South African context.

Website Upgrade

As you may know, at the beginning of this year I registered a website ( to serve as a platform for the missionary vision which burns in my heart. I am very grateful to Philipa Jane Farley ( who volunteered her services as a Digital Strategist and Web Developer to make this website better.


Upcoming Mission to Botshabelo

I am going on a short mission with our church (Tokai Community Church) to help our partner church Holy Trinity Botshabelo in Bloemfontein.

Last year, thanks to a large financial donation, Holy Trinity Botshabelo was able to build a brand new church building! This was an awesome gift from God’s people and truly has made a huge impact on the believers of Holy Trinity Botshabelo. In February I was privileged to be part of a team from Tokai Community Church that went up to Holy Trinity Botshabelo to join them in celebration for the dedication service of their new church building.


In the last week of May, we will return to Holy Trinity Botshabelo with a team of handymen with our tools ready to serve. The main focus of this mission trip will be to build and install some built-in cupboards in the new building and help with any other maintenance issues the may have.I am really looking forward to this opportunity to serve our brothers and sisters in this way. I am grateful to God for making it financially possible for me to be part of this team. Thank you to those of you who support my missionary work with your finances and your prayers.Please pray that God will make us a blessing to those whom we will serve.

I am also hoping to return to Malawi during August if all goes well with the Irrigation Project.

May God richly bless you and fulfill your deepest desires.

In His service – and loving it!

Michael Watson
“That His glory may dwell in the land.” – Psalm 85:9b


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Wrapping up… Mission to Malawi

Dear Friends and Family

I greet you in the wonderful Name of Jesus Christ.

I hope and trust that you are doing well and flourishing in the Faith.

My recent mission to Malawi in March this year was such a rich, invigorating, and inspiring experience that I have endeavored to share with you some of the bliss, blessing, and bounty that I have enjoyed through my missionary adventures.

Without wanting to bore you (if that were possible) with information you may have no interest in or clutter your inbox with bulky mail, in this email I have just included short samples of the available picture-rich, exciting, and interesting reports that I have written for your edification.

Please find here below 4 excerpts from the respective reports that I have published on my website. Just click “read more…” to read the whole article.

I hope and trust that these reports will be a blessing to you.

Bibles for Believers


Very Few Have Bibles

Shockingly, only about 5-10% of these rural believers have a Bible of their own; in many homes there isn’t even one Bible. These folk are poor and struggle to afford the vital food for their physical survival. To put it into context, for the price of 1 bag of corn (50kg – feeds a family of 4 for 1 month) you could buy 3 Bibles. So it is really not easy for them to be able to afford to buy a Bible.

read more…

Food for the Famished


Forlorn Ambassador

One old man I saw particularly broke my heart – he was probably in his sixties, thin and hunched over, shuffling along the rough gravel road, bare-footed, after evening twilight, still looking for food. He stood in the way of our vehicle as we were navigating around the ditches and trenches carved into the road by the flash floods which also damage the drought-stricken crops. I will never forget his forlorn eyes as our bouncing vehicle lights flashed across his face capturing the image in my mind of a desperate soul…

read more…

Perplexing Paradox of Peace


Requirements for Entrance

Together we discussed the Bible, searching for answers and guidance on how to be righteous enough to enter God’s Kingdom. The only answer we could find to this pressing and pertinent question was: Righteousness comes as a gift from God through faith in Christ Jesus.

When we found this answer, there were great smiles and grins of excitement (almost ecstasy) on the glistening faces of these hearts now gripped in the clutches of God’s wonderful Message of Grace – “This is Good News! We’ve got to tell somebody!”.

read more…

Rands and Kwachas; Treasures in Heaven

Finance Report

Financial Report: Malawi Mission – March 2016

God has used various individuals to provide the funds needed for this Mission and for this I am immensely grateful. This report serves as an accountability structure, not only for me to be transparent, but also so that you may be informed as to the various expenses that a mission outreach of this nature involves.

I came back from Malawi with my pockets empty and my bank account almost at zero (literally). I joyfully spent all that I had received – finances, energy, teaching…

read more…

I hope you have enjoyed reading my Malawi Mission reports.
Thank you again for your interest and your support.

May God richly bless you and fill you with His peace.

In His service – and loving it!

Michael Watson

“That His glory may dwell in the land.”
Psalm 85:9b

High Light Logo medium

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Malawi Mission: ACCOMPLISHED

Dear friends

I greet you in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ – Creator, Sustainer, Saviour, and Lord.

I hope that you are doing well and are in good health.


It is with joy that I am able to report that my recent Mission to Malawi has been successfully accomplished. I am amazed at the incredible way that so many of you got involved in supporting this mission. I certainly would not have been able to accomplish this without your help.

“Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” – Matthew 19:26


I will soon publish a mission report and a financial report.

I was able to keep my Facebook Page: Watsons Missions updated whilst in the field. If you would like to see some of the pictures and videos I posted you could find them there.

Prayer Request

Please continue to pray for the people in Malawi as they are facing a particularly harsh hunger season this year. We find it difficult to comprehend a ‘hunger season’ – we think we’re hungry if we’ve missed lunch. These folk miss many meals – some go for days without food. The hunger season normally lasts about 2 months, but this year it will be much worse, lasting more than 6 months!

Each time you eat a meal, please remember to pray for those who are struggling to find food.

Thank you

I am immensely grateful to all who got involved in various ways to make this mission a success.  Thank you very much to those who helped by donating funds, those who prayed, and those who encouraged.

May God bless you abundantly and perpetually!

In His service – and loving it!

Michael Watson
“That His glory may dwell in the land.” Psalm 85:9b

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Mission to Malawi – Ready, Steady, Go!

Dear Friends

Greetings in the mighty and merciful Name of Jesus!

I hope you are well. I trust that you are vibrantly and fruitfully growing in your knowledge of the mystery of God: Jesus Christ.

“My goal is that they may…have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”
Colossians 2:2, 3

I am happy and excited to announce that I am just about ready to embark on the Mission to Malawi that I have been preparing for, praying for, and trusting God for the finances needed to accomplish this 4 week Mission. I want to thank all of you who joined me in prayer and also a big thank you to those who deposited funds into our account. I now have all the funds I needed to pay for the foreseen expenses and even a little extra to cover any unforeseen costs.

God has proven Himself yet again to be faithful, gracious, and generous. God has used you (the body of Christ) to do this.


Mission to Malawi - March 2016

I will appreciate your continued prayers as I embark on this Mission.

In HIS service – and loving it!

Michael Watson
“That His glory may dwell in the land.” Psalm 85:9b

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Update: Mission to Malawi – God’s Provision

Dear Friends

I hope you are well. I also hope that you are ‘hanging on to your seats’ because you are about to be exhilarated by God’s awesome goodness!

Just 2 days ago I presented to you the needs that I am trusting God for in the post, Mission to Malawi – God’s Provision.

In that post I was praising God for the R6000 that I already had to cover the R20,000 expenses of the mission, but I was at the same time trusting God for at least R14,ooo more.

Please look at this update and be blessed!

Update 1 - God's Provision

God is so GOOD!

Thank you for your prayers. God has proven Himself faithful over and over again. I’m glad you could experience this with me. I trust that you have been as blessed as I have in seeing God’s faithful provision.

Thank you very much to those of you who generously contributed towards this Mission to Malawi. May our Lord Jesus Who said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive”, bless you abundantly and reward you for your generosity.

May God bless you all!

In His service – and loving it!

Michael Watson
“That His glory may dwell in the land”. – Psalm 85:9b
< ;)((><

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Mission to Malawi – God’s Provision

Dear Friends and Family

I greet you in the mighty and awesome Name of Jesus Christ!

I hope you are well and that you are coping with the intense speed of 2016 – where has the time gone?!

As you may know, I am preparing for a Mission to Malawi. I plan to be on the road towards the end of February and hope to be back within 4 weeks.

God’s Faithful Provision

I am so very grateful to God for the way that He provides for missions like these. Looking back, I am overwhelmed at how faithful God is! I would like to share with you this journey of trusting God and experiencing His faithfulness. So in the run-up to the departure date, I will be posting updates on how God has been providing.

Malawi Mission – Expenses

Transportation & Sustenance

As of this moment, I already have R6000 of the total of R10680 that is needed for transportation and sustenance! This is already incredible evidence of how God has provided. However, I am still trusting God for R4680 to get me there and back. But still this is not the final amount that I am trusting God for.

Bibles 4 Believers

I am also trusting God for R6240 to purchase 2 boxes of Chichewa Bibles. I would like to be able to buy some Chichewa Bibles from the Bible Society in Blantyre – they cost just short of R130 each and come in a box of 24. Please help me to pray and trust God for funds to purchase Bibles for needy believers in Malawi. At R3120 per box, I am trusting God for 2 boxes – R6240.

Hunger Relief Aid

I am also trusting God for R4000 to buy 10 bags of corn for starving believers. Currently Malawi is going through a hunger crisis due to drought and flooding. Many people are affected by this problem. Here’s what my contact, a church leader, has said about this situation:

“Serious situation we have now is physical one and it is hunger. For the moment Malawi is going through serious hunger. This year hunger is more than last year that people are standing on the line for 3 days without buying food. For me…the priority is…praying Malawi to get out from this situation. God bless you.”

Although I have a long term plan to help Malawians overcome this hunger problem through the Bright Water Solar Irrigation Project, the people are in immediate need of food. Currently a 50kg bag of corn costs around R400. I am trusting God for enough funds to buy 10 bags – that is R4000.

Bright Water Solution

I would certainly like to get the Bright Water Solar Irrigation Project up and running, but it seems I am running out of time to be able to do it on this mission. Please visit my website at to find more details about this Project.

Get Involved

I would earnestly request your prayers during this time of trusting God for provision. Pray also that God would go ahead of me to prepare the hearts of those I will encounter along the way and those I will be ministering to. And also pray for the people of Malawi who are suffering through this hunger season – pray that God will provide food for them to eat.

For those of you who would like to help by donating some funds towards the success of this Mission to Malawi, I ask that you seriously and prayerfully consider supporting this endeavour. In total, I am trusting God for R14,920

Thank You

I am extremely grateful to those of you who have already given sacrificially and generously of your finances to help with the expenses of this Mission to Malawi. God uses people like you to prove Himself faithful in providing all that is needed. May God richly reward you for your generosity!

May God bless you all.

In His service and still loving it!

Michael Watson
“That His glory may dwell in the land”. Psalm 85:9b

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Malawi Mission 2016

Dear Friends and Family

I greet you in the powerful and precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I hope and trust that you have had a great start to this new year that God has blessed us with.

I am excited to inform you about my upcoming Mission to Malawi and to update you on a pretty significant change that has come about.

Mission to Malawi – March 2016

Problem & Passion

As you may well know by now, I am quite passionate about serving God in Malawi. I have identified 3 problems that, with God’s help, I hope to help alleviate. I am quite passionate about this because I believe that God has prepared me, inspired me, and called me to help with these specific problems. Let me name them for you:

  • Ignorance of the Gospel
  • Hunger (drought)
  • The insidious advance of Islam

Solution & Aim

On this Mission to Malawi now in March 2016, I will be focusing on helping folk in the rural and neglected areas to:
  • Understand the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Increase the production of food through the Bright Water (Solar Irrigation) Project 
  • Be prepared and trained to effectively share Christ’s love with their Muslim neighbours.

Update on a Change

Some of you may know by now, but for those who don’t, I am no longer working under Frontline Fellowship. I praise God for the time that I was able to serve with Frontline and for all the lessons I have learned and the Missions trips that I was able to participate in. However, it has become clear that in order for me to pursue the calling and vision that God has placed in my heart for Malawi, it is necessary to work with an organization that shares and supports this vision.

High Light Africa

Currently I am working on setting up a Ministry called High Light Africa ( Through this organization I hope to see the Light of the Gospel Unleashed in Malawi and in Africa – that souls may be saved, the poor and needy helped, and captives of Satan freed by the Power of Christ.

Watson’s Missions and this blog (Mike-on-a-Mission) serves its purpose by providing information and updates to friends and family who support our missionary work. This worked very well while I was working under Frontline. However, I am not comfortable to use Watson’s Missions as a name for the Mission organization that I plan to set up for the glory of the Lord. High Light Africa is a name that came to me as I sought the Lord in prayer during my recent Mission to Congo.

Thank You !!

This Mission to Malawi will be the first mission conducted by High Light Africa. I am very grateful to those of you who financially support me as a missionary and also those who support me through prayer and encouragement. I greatly appreciate your partnership in the Gospel with me in this way. It is you who make it financially possible to conduct these mission trips.

Prayer Request

Please pray with me that God will provide all the resources needed for this Mission to Malawi to be a success.  I will soon send an update on the specific prayer requests.

Thank you for your love, your support, and prayers.

May God’s richest blessings surround you daily!

In His service and still loving it!

Michael Watson

“That His glory may dwell in the land”. – Psalm 85:9b


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